The cutting of the motorbike before the start of a great journey is very important in order not to risk being in the middle of nowhere with some break of the unexpected vehicle. The unexpected are on the day, and trying to prevent them as much as possible is certainly a wise choice that pays during the trip.

With the support and professionalism of Stefano Moser of SEMBENINI MOTO TRENTO we have defined a program of interventions, to make my Africa Twin ready to face its next 30,000 kilometers along the whole of Africa.

alcune lavorazioni che sono state eseguite :

  • replacement candles;

  • oil filter replacement;

  • air filter replacement;

  • engine oil change;

  • brake oil change;

  • sprocket chain change;

  • chain change;

  • front fork oil seal replacement;

  • replacement of front and rear brake pads;

  • replacement of front and rear tires.

A front tire and a rear tire were sent together with 4 kg of oil for a pit stop in Togo where I will be able to do some sort of service. Sembenini Moto Trento also supplied me with some spare parts in the event of breakages or breakdowns.

Once the coupon was finished, the motorbike was taken to Milan, at Fischer & Rechsteiner for packing and shipping.