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Monthly Archive for "November, 2019"

28 november

28 november REST AT JEFFREY’S BAY Today day of rest, this night is very windy and also all day, the FERRINO tent has done its part well. There was time to take a nice walk along the beach where...

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27 november

27 november ARRIVAL AT JEFFREY’S BAY Departing calmly from Struisbaai we head towards the town of Jeffrey’s Bay, about 600 km away. We only drive along the fast road, in fact in the afternoon we reach the resort on...

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26 november

26 november CAPE THE GOOD HOPE After a good breakfast and loading the motorbike, we leave for the Cape of Good Hope enjoying the breathtaking views of the coast with the immense white sand beaches. We walk the Chapman...

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25 november

25 november TABLE MOUNTAIN In the morning, having greeted Giulia who is leaving for Genoa in the late morning, we go to Table Mountain. The wait for the cable car is a bit long but we find ourselves chatting...

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24 november

24 november VISIT TO THE PENGUINS AND THE FIRE In the morning, waking up calmly, we had breakfast in a nice place near Giulia and Federico’s house with eggs, bacon and coffee. Accompanied by Federico we then went to...

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23 november

23 november the arrival in Cape Town After making a stop in Adis Abeba we took another flight to Cape Town, where we arrived at 1.45pm. To pick us up at the airport there is Federico, a boy from Genoa...

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22 november

22 NOVEMBRE The departure And finally it arrived also friday 22 november, the day of our departure. We are a little excited, and I am happy to share my next adventure with Sabrina, my girlfriend, who will be with...

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