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Monthly Archive for "December, 2019"

22 december

22 december REST IN KINSASHA Sunday is a day of great celebration, not only because we are approaching Christmas, but because it is experienced as a day dedicated to the church. It is the people and not the priests...

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21 december

21 december REST IN KINSASHA Today is a day dedicated to the detailed planning of the next travel days, site updating and a little rest. I downloaded and printed the Benin visa, sent to me by Matteo. With the...

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20 december

20 december REST IN KINSASHA Today first day of rest. I will stay here until Christmas, then on the 26th I will leave for Congo Brazzavile. Around nine in the morning we drive to the Embassy of Cameroon, Eric...

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19 december

19 december ARRIVAL IN KINSASHA They are about 380 kilometers, not many, but there is dirt road and according to George, father responsible for the Augustinians of the Congo in Kinsasha, the road is very dangerous. So I leave...

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18 december

18 december DEPARTURE FOR M’BANZA CONGO So far my trip has been fantastic. Arrival in M’Banza Congo in the late afternoon, time to find accommodation in a hotel recommended by Carlos. It started to rain and I have a...

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17 december

17 december TODAY GOODBYE DAY, OR MAYBE GOODBYE In the morning, I wake up very early, as has happened to me since I was in Africa. I have breakfast with Carlos, and around noon he has me accompanied by...

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16 december

16 december REST IN LUANDA Today rest day in Luanda, but not only. In fact, in the late morning, after Carlos helped me print some documents, I was accompanied by one of his officials to the Ivory Coast embassy...

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15 december

15 december ARRIVAL IN LUANDA The day begins with African rhythms, very slow, I wake up as always at six, prepare my luggage and load the bike, shower and then we all have breakfast together. We leave around noon,...

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14 december

14 december REST IN PORTO AMBOIM Today is a day of rest and relaxation in Porto Ambiom. I take this opportunity to update the site, take a bath in the Atlantic Ocean and regain my strength for the next...

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13 december

13 december TODAY GOES TOWARDS THE ATLANTIC OCEAN Wake up very early and at six I’m already leaving for this long day. The goal is to arrive a Sunday in Luanda, so I can present the visa application for...

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