29 november


After dismantling the tent, we left for Aliwal North, today’s stage of transfer and approach to Lesotho. We preferred not to go to Coffee Bay, a stage that was scheduled, Sabrina is not at all well, besides not being used to these long distances by motorcycle, she has a stomach ache and headaches, probably also due to the great heat, about 39-40 degrees. The road does not offer a great landscape and there are no hints to stop and take pictures, we only do it to rest and drink water. In the places where we stop people are kind and smiling, and willing to give us information that is useful to us. We arrive in the late afternoon at Aliwal North, as always we fill up with petrol and then look for a place to sleep. We find a very nice and cheap Guesthouse. A beer to celebrate this day also went well, at least for me, Sabrina does not feel like it, she is not well, so I take this opportunity and I drink two for her too.