12 december


The night did not pass very well, I have already thought of the alternative in the case of denial of a visa. I will return to Namibia, I will return to Rundu, where there is the border with Zambia, and from there I will reach the border with Congo DRC, and then up to Kinsasha. The important thing is always to have the alternative. About six o’clock Ruben writes to me that the visa is there and that at seven they will come to pick me up to take me to the border. Obviously I am happy, I communicate and Carlos that I will join him in a couple of days. Finally at half past ten I manage to get out of the Angola border, and go, the journey can go on. Along the road, on both sides, I notice a situation very similar to that found in Namibia, but instead of 100-200 meters, deforestation extends inland for about 500-800. Several rusted tanks can be seen on the sides, bad memories of the fratricidal war ended in 2012. Crossing a Chinese boy, he goes down to Cape Town and updates me on the situation Nigeria, Cameroon and Gabon.
Arrival in Lubango around five in the afternoon, tired but happy. I settle in a small guesthouse where the owner kindly lets me park in the lobby. I don’t want to visit the city, also because I didn’t see anything interesting going through it. I go out only for dinner and then return. Tomorrow is a long and busy day.