20 december


Today first day of rest. I will stay here until Christmas, then on the 26th I will leave for Congo Brazzavile. Around nine in the morning we drive to the Embassy of Cameroon, Eric and I and a gentleman who knows the streets of Kinsasha well. I arrive and in five minutes I present and pay 195 dollars. The documents are all there, prepared in time by Matteo Zucchelli of the Bolgia Travel Agency of Trento. The withdrawal scheduled for Tuesday 24 at 11 am. We then go to the port where the ferries to Brazzaville should leave. Here they say that the freight ferry, the slow but less expensive one is gone, there is only the fast one and to organize the loading and unloading by hand of the motorbike, the cost of my ticket and that of the motorbike takes more than three hundred dollars. Luckily I’m sitting, he was selling me a shot. In the end we closed at 230 dollars, it hurt me, but in Africa it is like that, either you pay or you stay there. After arranging the ferry. Tuesday, I will go to collect the visa. The afternoon passes quietly, I relax, I know that I must try to rest as much as possible these days.