26 january


I rested well at night, even if I am no longer used to eating so much and my stomach burns a little, it will pass. We meet calmly at eight with Francesco to go to breakfast. It is cold, at least for the temperatures I was used to. Lots of people running and playing soccer on the beach. It is a very tourist city, with many restaurants and bars on the seafront. After breakfast we return to the hotel and find the front tire on the ground. I was hoping for a quiet day, instead… .. No problem, I go up to get the keys to remove the wheel. Francesco gives me a hand and then with a taxi I reach a tire dealer with no difficulty. Within twenty minutes the wheel is in place, probably with the blows taken in Nigeria, (I also remember well where) the rim has become a bit damaged and even a small jump is enough that the tire loses pressure. I go back to the hotel and mount the wheel, adjust the chain and prepare the bike for Tuesday morning, the day of my departure for Rabat. The day passes quietly in the hotel to fix the site and to rest. I need to recharge the batteries. In the evening we go out just like two tourists to take a walk along the sea and we find a small, very nice place, “Mamma Caterina” a restaurant run by Italians from Turin, very nice, we chat and eat a good plate of pasta all ‘tomato and bacon. A good meeting place for Italians who pass through here.