06 january


They are about six hundred kilometers to go, they say of asphalt road. I slept well last night and I recharged a little. I leave at half past six after saying goodbye to Father Richard. I wish if I can get to Otukpo. We are in the mountains and the road that goes down is very winding and full of holes, we hope that it will improve afterwards. Along the way many people, all who greet me and say “welcome”. Likely, as Father Richard said that very few bikers have seen here. Down in the valley there is a fog, but it is not fog, then I realize that it is smoke. Garbage burns and the smell that follows is really acrid and annoying. The road is full of very large holes, you really have to be very careful. There are many checkpoints, but the police let me pass without problems and greets me as a sign of welcome, nice feeling, Nigeria is surprising me. The traffic on the roads is intense and a continuous of villages and people on the street. I arrive in Otupko in the afternoon and settle in a small hotel, all very kind and attentive. I eat lunch and dinner at half past five, then relax a little. Nigeria is giving me unexpected emotions but I still want to get out as soon as possible, I don’t have much time and I have decided that I will stay a few days in Benin and Togo.