27 diciembre


I wake up at 5.30, without the alarm clock, I feel the difficulty of the day and then I prepare the bike and I am ready to leave for six in the morning. I eat something and then go. About three hundred kilometers of hellish road await me. The first kilometers are not very demanding, I do them at high speed, knowing that afterwards I will lose a lot of time and in the evening I would like to get to Ndendè. As I feared, the road becomes a track, mud, puddles that look like real lakes that not only affect the part of the road, but also the countryside, you cannot understand the depth because the water is brown. In fact, a few times I stay in the water up to my knees with the bike stuck. Fortunately, with the help of people who were traveling by motorbike or car, I was able to slowly overcome and move forward. Of course, I also waited half an hour in the water, but in the end it went well. When there are about fifty kilometers left, the ugliest ones, I arrive at the border. There is a jeep that has loaded some people to take to Ndendè and I ask if they can make my way. They kindly accept and I must say that in the end we arrive in Ndendè at quarter to seven, it is already night, but I have arrived. Sure that without the help of this jeep I would have had to stop on the street to sleep. I find sleeping in a small hotel, the room is minimal but fine. I have no local money and nobody changes dollars, and there is no bank. Luckily I still had some money that I had changed in Brazzaville. The currency is the same in Conco Brazzaville, Gabon and Cameroon. I can eat something but I’m really tired, and the stress of the day is coming….