26 november


After a good breakfast and loading the motorbike, we leave for the Cape of Good Hope enjoying the breathtaking views of the coast with the immense white sand beaches. We walk the Chapman Peak, one of the most beautiful roads in the world. The goal of the day is to reach Hermanus, a small town where whales can be seen. Along the road that leads to the Cape of Good Hope we have a close encounter with ostriches, which do not seem frightened and approach, probably accustomed to the presence of man. Arriving in Hermanus in the early afternoon, they inform us that whale watching is no longer possible. We decide to start then towards Cape Agulhas. Along the road we meet a breeding of ostriches, in hundreds. The landscape and the landscapes change constantly, from the cultivated hills to large spaces dedicated to grazing. To reach Cape Agulhas we drive along a dirt road for about 30-40 km where we have not crossed anyone, only large farms and thousands of grazing cows. We arrive in the evening at Cape Agulhas and go to take photos of the mythical monument created to signal the crossing of two oceans, the Indian and the Atlantic. We then move to Stransbaai in a small, very nice and cozy guesthouse, not before refueling the motorbike.