07 december


In the morning, get up very calmly, we decide to visit Victoria Falls. During the ten kilometers that separate us from the border we cross along the zebras road, it is an opportunity to stop and take two photos since we had not seen them in the park. At the border Zmbia a bit of trouble and finally after an hour and a half we can cross the Zimbabwe border. Immediately after there is the entrance to the falls. At the parking lot the usual joker who wants to control the bike, obviously for a fee and obviously I refuse. The waterfalls are beautiful and Sabrina is very excited. There is a lot of water and along the way we are caressed by the drizzle coming from the falls. We then have the time to go and see the Big Baobab, the largest and oldest Baobab in Africa which is a few kilometers from Victoria Falls. In the early afternoon we return to the hotel and in the late afternoon we go to Livingstone Waterfront, in a very nice room overlooking the Zambezi River.


From long before my departure from Italy I was in contact with Congolese friends who kept me constantly updated on the political situation, diseases (ebola) and roads. The only roads, if they can be called such, are the national ones, all unpaved, and if it rains very demanding to go. In recent days, given the prolonged rainy season in eastern Congo, the roads have become very demanding for those who must travel. We must think that on these roads all vehicles pass, both light and heavy, which must reach the western part of the country, primarily Kinsasha. After the last photographs I was sent, in spite of myself, I decided to give up crossing the Congo. It would take me too long, about 50/60 days if all goes well, a time that unfortunately I don’t have. I’m reluctant to give up, also because the reason for the crossing was to reach the area where the water well was built. Unfortunately in travel it happens to have to change itinerary, indeed, it is almost obvious, sometimes it can give you positive surprises, sometimes negative. I am always of the idea that if it went like this it means that it was the way it had to go, the important thing is to know how to adapt to what one encounters, every day is a surprise and the ability of a traveler is to know how to adapt to what is best meets.

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