11 december


The night I slept almost nothing, I leave at six, they are about 650 kilometers and I would also like customs if I arrive. The road is fast but I find it very difficult to find distributors. On both sides of the road the vegetation has been burned for about 100-200 towards the interior and small villages of huts and crops have settled. Towards the half past one I reach the exit border of Namibia which I pass quickly. At the entrance to the border with Angola they block me because my visa had expired. Fortunately, the commander, perhaps pity for my state, was very tired, ordering a policeman to give me a hand to do the visa online. Contact Carlos, a motorcyclist friend with whom I should see in Luanda for references in Angola. About six o’clock I am escorted to a small hotel in the town of Santa Clara, which is just after the border to spend the night. With the help of the policeman named Ruben I can also make a card for the phone, so if they give me the visa I can communicate where I am. Obviously I left all my things, including the motorbike at the border.