13 december


Wake up very early and at six I’m already leaving for this long day. The goal is to arrive a Sunday in Luanda, so I can present the visa application for the Ivory Coast on Monday, the only one I miss to get home.
The road, even if paved, is very demanding, there are huge holes in the asphalt even 30-40 cm deep, to get into it means to make an accident with disastrous consequences. At times the road slips into dirt roads where they are building the new stretch. These stretches of dirt road are from 20 to 30 km long and throughout the day through about ten. I can also find a distributor for gasoline and relax a little. The heat makes me very tired, I am about 35 degrees, but I prefer the heat to the rain, some dirt roads would become very demanding. Arrival first in Benguela and then in Porto Amboim where Carlos is waiting for me with his family. We have lunch in a bar along the beach, then we go to a nice little pension to settle down. Evening dinner for his wife’s birthday. I fully enjoy these days, knowing that later on I will have difficulties in the central part of Africa.