17 december


In the morning, I wake up very early, as has happened to me since I was in Africa. I have breakfast with Carlos, and around noon he has me accompanied by a boy to the Ivory Coast embassy to collect his visa. It takes almost an hour to get there, the traffic is really intense. In the end I withdraw this since it is fundamental for me to reach Europe. It takes me to see the city a bit, an impressive chaos, lots of people on the streets. There are large buildings and skyscrapers, Henri tells me that it is the Chinese who manufacture everywhere. In fact, it seems that the Chinese built entire cities inside Angola, completely from scratch, impressive.
Having collected my passport, I am much more relaxed, I can leave tomorrow for Mbanza Congo, my next stop before arriving in Kinsasha. In the evening, the whole family at work to prepare the gnocchi and pasta in honor. Saying goodbye to everyone, in fact I will leave very soon when everyone is still asleep, the beautiful days spent with them come to mind. Carlos and his family are the essence of sharing and availability, a beautiful united family, who opened the doors to my house as if I were one of them. Carlos, gives me a copy of his photo book made on the occasion of the Dakar, which he ran with a pikup in 2001. He tells me that he participated in the internal war in Angola ended in 2002, a decidedly handsome character out of the ordinary.