01 january


The dinner, contrary to how we do it, starts around two in the morning, a nightmare. At three o’clock I greet everyone and go to sleep, if we may say so, it is hard to sleep in those conditions, but I try. There is a band outside that plays and sings, it’s nice but I’m in a coma and I absolutely have to go to sleep. Probably, the tiredness of the past few days is coming out, and then it is better to rest and recharge the batteries for the next groups which will certainly be very hard. I wake up at half past nine, I still feel very tired, but I realize that I have rested well. I have breakfast with Pier and then he takes me to see his property. In the afternoon I take this opportunity to download photos and videos to the computer, it is a few days that I can’t update the site and therefore I take advantage of it at least to put things in horde.