30 december


I wake up with a little calm, and I leave at half past seven, I have to do a little more than four hundred kilometers and I am sure that if all goes well by mid-afternoon I will arrive in Douala. The road is beautiful and smooth, apart from a few checks, mostly of curious policemen, I arrive at half past two at the distributor where we met with Pier. After about half an hour of waiting he finally arrives, we say goodbye and then I follow him to the outskirts of Dogala, where he works and has a second home. I can wash them, fix the bike, chain and more. Around six we go to his house, which is on the other side of the city. The traffic is intense and dangerous, the scooters and taxis that are in the hundreds have no rules and it is a moment to make an accident. The arrival in Kinsasha immediately comes to mind. Arriving at Pier’s house, not having the guest room ready yet, I settle down with a mattress on the floor in the living room. Perfect. We have dinner and then I go to sleep. Now the obstacle remains the passage by boat from Tiko in Cameroon to Clabar in Nigeria and then its crossing to reach Benin.