03 january


Today is a relaxing day, the last one here in Dogala. I was waiting for confirmation today if by chance there were ferries that departed from Tiko and arrived in Calabar, Nigeria. But unfortunately the news that I didn’t want to arrive has arrived. The other practicable roads are either to load the motorbike by plane and to get it to Porto Novo in Benin, or to go by motorbike to Banyo, in Cameroon, and from there go up a steep and narrow road, practically a path for about 70 km up to to reach the border with Nigeria, then another 50 km of probably worse road. To add that in that area there are often thefts and kidnappings. Tonight I will decide what to do. In case I expect 5-6 very demanding days from all points of view. The first village to be reached after the border is Gembu. After that, it seems that an escort must be taken for about 300 km, in fact in that area there are groups of anglophone rioters who want to separate and make attacks and loot small villages or those who are in their path. I will decide tonight, in any case if I decide to go to Banyo, I will ask the police about the safety situation in the stretch from Banyo to the border, if they tell me that it is too risky I will go back to Douala and send the bike to Benin.