09 january


In the morning I spend it at the Ensamble pur Grandir association, where Lara, Ugo, Simona, Roberta, Laila and Lara help a group of women with their children to rebuild their future through the management of a restaurant and a small hotel, a nice way to start living again. We have breakfast together and then play with the children. Around one o’clock we go towards the center where we stop at the python house, a building where fifty pythons, a venerated animal, are cared for and pampered. We then go to the museum of modern art, very interesting and then to the beach, where tomorrow the voodoo festival will take place. We pass by the road called “no return” from where the slaves left to get to the ships that would then take them to the plantations as slaves. There is also a monument that recalls this terrible period. Unfortunately, there are many of these roads and gates along the entire coast of Africa. We return to the association, we also have dinner with Gigi Prati, a Milanese who lives some periods of the year in Sierra Leone, he too for the festival. I am very tired, by dint of chatting before two, I can’t go to sleep.