15 january


Today I could rest a little more, but the habit of getting up early leads me to wake up at six. However, I get up with clear ideas, I will pass through Mali. Now I have to go to the visa consulate. After having breakfast, the boy who drives the ambulance takes me to the Malian consulate. In an hour I get my visa for a hundred dollars. I am very happy, so I decide that I will leave tomorrow at six to arrive at the border. Before returning to the mission we stop for a drink and he tells me a little about his family. When the cook returned, she prepared the pasta for me as a welcome. In the afternoon I prepare one or the things, I hear some traveling friends who have already done that route to make sure it is the best way and then I rest a bit. In the evening I spend it relaxing, knowing that the next three to four days will be a bit demanding.