21 january


In the morning I go to do some shopping with Coumba, then returned home we decide to go first to the Rosa lake, where once the Paris-Dakar arrived and then to the deportation museum. The road to get to the lake is mainly in sand, it would have been hard to get there by bike, however on days off I don’t want to touch the bike, so that’s okay. Arrived at the lake we take a jeep to go around the lake and get to the beach. All very nice and relaxing. It is very hot but now I am used to it, the tour lasts about an hour, then we go to the deportation monument where there is a museum area inside. The monument is huge, stands on top of a hill and inside there is the museum which however disappoints me a little, there is not much, few objects and a few photos, I expected much more. The return home is troubled, a lot of traffic and we arrive that it is now night. I have dinner quickly and go to sleep, early riser tomorrow, direction Nouakchott.

21 gen