30 november


Today Sabrina is a little better, we leave early for Semonkong, at the Maletsuyane waterfalls, the highest in Africa. They are only three hundred kilometers but with the borders to pass, even if fast in practice, however we put an hour. The road that goes up towards Semonkong is very beautiful, very wide but it follows the orography of the mountains very much, so vertiginous climbs and equally descents that put a strain on the brakes of the motorbike. The landscape is nothing short of fantastic, the people we meet on the street and in the villages are very poor but kind, say hello, especially to children. The motorbike gives me some problems, it seems that it is hard to do as if I had made some dirty fuel. I’m a little worried, but not that much, we’ll solve. We arrive at Semonkong around five in the afternoon. A village of poor people, made up of shacks. We stop to drink in a local bar where there is also a ramshackle billiard table. Everyone greets us, even if a little high, probably already well-carbureted. We stop to sleep at the campsite, and after fixing our things we head straight for the falls. We need to follow a dirt road for about ten kilometers. We arrive at the falls, but unfortunately there is only a trickle of water, the landscape is still fabulous. There is a big rave with music and lots of people. A few photos and then back to the campsite. Although we are used to seeing and enjoying landscapes with mountains and trees, these mountains show us infinite and varied landscapes, which open the heart, truly beautiful.