01 december


Early morning departure, direction Pretoria. The goal of the day is to get to Pretoria, where Pauli, Touratech South Africa manager, is waiting for us. During the journey, at least the part that takes us to the border with South Africa, the motorbike still gives me problems, like those encountered the day before. The road goes down and rises, it almost seems to be at the rides. At the border we do fast, although there are so many people crossing the border the practices are fast and the people are kind and helpful. The landscape in South Africa is not that great, the temperature is very high and the wind is very strong. We stop every 70-80 km to rest and drink, fill up with gas and eat something. The traffic between Johannesburg and Pretoria is really intense. Via whatsup we feel with Pauli, who kindly opens the Touratech shop just for us, in fact today is Sunday. We arrive around six, waiting for Pauli. The shop is very nice and equipped, and after a warm greeting invites us to have a drink. I point out the problem to the motorbike and I immediately answer that there are no problems, they have a very efficient workshop and they can solve the problem. I’m relieved, also because I have to travel more than twenty thousand kilometers and I want to think I have the efficient motorbike. We are guests at home, we are welcomed like brothers. In the evening for dinner with grilled meat and specialties cooked by his kind wife and friend Philipe with his wife. Beautiful welcome, miracles that makes the motorbike.