02 december


Let’s start from the Touratech store in Pretoria around noon. It took all morning to the Touratech mechanics to disassemble the tank and clean it inside, disassemble the petrol filter which was soaked with dirt and reassemble everything. Now the motorbike is going perfectly, even if I realized that the rubber of the front left fork spreads oil. No problem, the motorbike will arrive at its destination. We greet everyone and thank not only for the professionalism of the work performed, but also for the hospitality and availability. We head towards the Botswana border we reach in the late afternoon. The landscape does not offer much, we do some stretches of dirt road and we cross a sign indicating the Tropic of Capricorn, some photos and we leave again. The only time to refresh ourselves and rest a little, given the high temperatures. We stop to sleep right after the border, happy with our journey and the beautiful people we have met so far.