23 december


Today a relaxing day, perhaps the last one, tomorrow we go to Kinsasha in search of a camera to buy and then to collect the passport at the Cameroon embassy. Around half past nine we go to the police to formalize the theft report, the building, if we may say so, is small, consisting of three rooms, an entrance and two side rooms, one full of a lot of things, c ‘it is even a motorbike, the other is the commander’s room, a two by four meters long cubicle, the entrance is the waiting room, a wooden bench where a resting lady is lying. It is very hot inside the office, the commander is very kind and makes me sit down. I had already prepared the request with all the data, and by hand he begins to fill in the complaint. Very precise and formal, she prepares my copy, obviously by hand and after about an hour I can return to the mission. The afternoon passes quietly, among children playing, volleyball games and small groups here and there who try to sing for Christmas.