24 december


The day is mainly dedicated to the withdrawal of the passport at the Cameroon embassy in Kinsasha. We meet for nine, but as often happens in Africa, ten-thirty arrive before we can leave. To get there we do not make the fastest road, but all secondary roads, dirt and full of water that often mixes with the sewer. People live on the streets in a way that is difficult to describe, in the most total dirt, where the sewer passes on the ground, in the banquet set up above, they feed. After a few vicissitudes we arrive at the embassy. A quarter of an hour of waiting and the passport with the Cameroon visa is ready. This means that on the day of S.Stefano I will be able to leave for Congo Brazzavile and then Gabon. We then go to the store where I had seen the Canon to buy, a short negotiation and the car is mine, it is not the top, but at this point it is more than good. The afternoon passes quietly, the evening of Christmas Mass, which lasted two and a half hours, beautiful but a little long, a small aperitif of what awaits me tomorrow.