07 january 


They are about four hundred and fifty kilometers, but of asphalted road full of holes and very busy. Through various cities and as always here in Africa the traffic is chaotic and the air is almost unbreathable. The important thing is not to fall, I’m not in a hurry, also because for some stretches the road is good and you can travel a little relaxed. When I think the day is going well, I photograph the front tire. They are in a stretch where there are no villages, practically in the middle of nowhere. Some motorcycles stop. One of these starts quickly and after a quarter of an hour arrives with the mechanic of the next town. He takes the wheel apart and takes it away. After an hour he comes back with the wheel, five minutes to reassemble it and I can start again. Again I am pleasantly surprised by these people. I arrive in Benin City and settle in a small hotel recommended by a friend. After communicating at home that I was fine, shower and a short walk around. Tomorrow he goes to Benin.