18 january


Greeted and thanked Dolo and his family for the hospitality I leave for Senegal. The road is asphalted but full of holes, there is also a lot of traffic but I am calm, I enjoy the landscape and where I stop people greet me, I can have a chat, more gestures than anything else, but there is friendliness and this is worth more than many words. At the border I manage to pass quickly, there are more than a hundred kilometers to the destination that I had set myself, the city of Kedougou. As always, I fill up with petrol and then I look for a place to spend the night. The Mlai leaves me a beautiful memory, I hope to be able to return one day to visit it. I had valuable advice from Pinuccio that made it easier for me to cross, but it still remains a country of people who have only sent me positive feelings.