19 january


I leave very early, the day is long and demanding. The road in the first hundred kilometers is not very good even if paved, it is full of potholes and the speed is low. I also pass through a park, but apart from some warthogs and some monkeys, I don’t see animals. I just stop to refuel and get some rest. When I stop, people approach and greet me, ask me where I come from and where I am going. The rest of the road leading to Dakar is completely asphalted, it is practically new. Upon arrival in Dakar, I cross two motorcycles and some cars from the Dakar Eco Race, they are from Bergamo, just the time to exchange two words and then off. I enter downtown Dakar. After filling up, I find a taxi driver and call Coumba, after about twenty minutes I arrive at his house. The roads to get to the house are sandy, only the main ones are asphalted. I find it hard to stand upright in some places. The house is organized a bit differently than we can imagine it, there is no real kitchen, they make me sit in a room with a bathroom, the main room is a living room dive some women are drinking tea. Bintou, Coumba’s sister, lend me mom, grandmother and aunt. There are about fifteen people, only two male children, the rest women. They prepare me a plate of spaghetti as a welcome, I like it, they are all very thoughtful and kind. They prepare dinner on a large plate and with their hands they all eat from there. Women have very beautiful and colorful clothes.