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Yearly Archive for "2019"

12 december

12 december ENTRANCE TO ANGOLA The night did not pass very well, I have already thought of the alternative in the case of denial of a visa. I will return to Namibia, I will return to Rundu, where there...

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11 december

11 december ARRIVAL AT THE BORDER WITH THE ANGOLA The night I slept almost nothing, I leave at six, they are about 650 kilometers and I would also like customs if I arrive. The road is fast but I...

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10 december

10 december DEPARTURE OF SABRINA AND THEN GOING TOWARDS NAMIBIA  Unlike forecasts, the day is beautiful and so we decide that I will accompany Sabrina to the airport. Quickly hurried border exit practices from Zambia and entry into Zimbabwe...

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09 november

09 november DAY DEDICATED TO PREPARATIONS AND RELAXATION It rained all night, and even in the morning, apart from a few brief moments of respite. After breakfast, I disassemble the rear seat of the motorbike and mount the steel...

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08 december

08 december VISIT TO THE TYPICAL MARKET MARAMBA OF LIVINGSTONE In the morning, we take our trusted taxi driver James to the Livingstone Maramba market. This is a typical market of the local people. People are curious, greet us...

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07 december

07 december VISIT TO THE WATERFALLS VICTORY In the morning, get up very calmly, we decide to visit Victoria Falls. During the ten kilometers that separate us from the border we cross along the zebras road, it is an...

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06 december

06 december TRANSFER FROM KASANE TO LIVINGSTONE The distance to travel to Livingstone is short, about ninety kilometers, but there are several borders to overcome. Botswana border, Entry and exit from Zimbabwe and entry into Zambia. I remember Victoria...

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05 december

05 december  VISIT TO THE PARK AND TO THE RIVER CHOBE In the morning, wake up at five to visit Chobe Park. Despite being named as the African park with the highest presence of elephants, unfortunately we do not...

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04 december

04 december FROM BORN TO KASANE Today is the last big step of approaching the Victoria falls, where Sabrina will return to Italy by plane and I will continue my journey alone to return to Italy. I am always...

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03 december

03 december FROM THE BORDER WITH BOTSWANA TO NATA Before departure we define the stage of the day. From program we should go to Maun, to visit the Okavango delta, but following Pauli’s advice we head directly northwards, towards...

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