25 january


I slept well at night, today there are almost six hundred and fifty kilometers to go, all good road, but there will be a lot of traffic, checkpoints and there won’t be much time to stop. For all intents and purposes this stage marks the border between the former Spanish Sahara and Morocco. In the south to the Mauritanian border, roads are under construction, entire cities are being built from scratch, it is perceived that the state is investing many resources for the area of the former Spanish Sahara. There are immense wind power plants. There are many controls, also for us, that we pass and go towards Europe after all. We stop when the road runs alongside the ocean. There are many fishermen, in that stretch the ocean caresses the cliffs and the spectacle is truly great. We already spent the night on a cliff like this last night, it would be nice to stop and stay here with the fishermen, who knows how many stories to tell. We take the road again and stop at a restaurant in a small town, a little fish and then off to Agadir. We arrive around half past six in the evening, it is not a lot of traffic, at least what Africa has accustomed me to, we stop in a hotel for three nights, I want to rest a little. In the evening we go out for dinner, a few beers to celebrate and some fish.

25 gen