24 january


Departure very early in the morning, it is still a little dark and we stop almost immediately to have some breakfast to refuel. Immediately checkpoints that waste a lot of time. At about half past ten the temperature rises and it feels good. We stop to make ourselves a good Italian coffee, more precisely from Trentino roasting, Braò Caffè which always accompanies me on my travels. The road crosses the desert, sometimes alongside the ocean, little traffic and nothing but sand. We get on very well with Francesco and decide to continue together to Agadir, where our respective journeys will take different paths. It is still nice for me to spend a few days in good company. We stop along the road to eat, we cross a jepp that comes from the Dakar Eco Race, a greeting of mutual respect and we start again. We arrive in El Aiun in the evening, just before evening.

24 gen