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17 january

17 january ARRIVAL IN BAMAKO At seven o’clock from Pogo, a village just before the border with Mali, I quickly do the border practices and then off to Sikasso. The road is full of potholes, and a disaster has arrived...

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16 january

16 january ARRIVAL IN POGO BORDER MALI The day is very long, I get up at half past five, prepare the bike, breakfast and a greeting to the nuns, in particular Sister Giuseppina who in these two days has...

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15 january

15 january REST IN ABIJAN Today I could rest a little more, but the habit of getting up early leads me to wake up at six. However, I get up with clear ideas, I will pass through Mali. Now I...

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14 january

14 january ARRIVAL IN ABUJIAR In the morning I leave at six, but first I greet the nuns who have pampered me for a few days, in these days I have also met Donato, a Comboni priest who has lived...

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13 january

13 january REST IN KOUVE ‘ Last day in Kouvè and then Sister Dores accompanies me to see all the beautiful things created by the association Stella Bianca di Cembra (Tn). A dispensary for AIDS patients, clinics, maternal soles, a...

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12 january

12 january REST IN KOUVE ‘ I slept very well at night, after breakfast I updated the site and then I went with Sister Dores to the dispensary. On this occasion I also did the test against malaria, fortunately a...

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11 january

11 january ARRIVAL IN KOUVE ‘ Departure calmly, at half past seven, the kilometers to go are few, about two hundred, even if there are two borders I think I will be in Kouve before midday. At the border...

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10 january

10 january REST IN OIDAH Last night I slept very little, a couple of hours, in the hotel in a terrible chaos. However, I wake up at seven, I go to fill up with petrol and then walk to the...

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09 january

09 january REST IN OIDAH In the morning I spend it at the Ensamble pur Grandir association, where Lara, Ugo, Simona, Roberta, Laila and Lara help a group of women with their children to rebuild their future through the management...

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08 jenuary

08 jenuary ARRIVAL IN BENIN I’m leaving at six in the morning, it’s still night but I want to get out of the city before the chaos begins. I get behind a car that makes my way. For the first...

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