04 january


I made the final decision last night, at six you are ready to go, Pier accompanies me with his motorbike outside Duala, we say goodbye with the promise to update him of my movements. He knows those areas of Cameroon well and knows that it won’t be easy. The road is quite good but very winding, I have to do more than 550 km, 150 of dirt track. I just stop for petrol and drink, hole twice, quick shelter and allotment. Around two o’clock I am in Magba, the beginning of the dirt road. A few kilometers after the hole again, I go back to Magba to the tire shop where I remove the wheel, patch me up and go again. It’s three o’clock, hard to get to Banyo, it’s very hot. The dirt road is demanding but at seven in the evening, already at night, I arrive in Banyo, I immediately find a Guesthouse where to spend the night, I am very tired but tomorrow I want to continue.