23 january


Wake up early even if the border opens at eight, I prepare the bike and approach the border which is a few meters from the hotel. When I entered the immigration office in Senegal, I met a 26-year-old boy from Milan, Francesco Murdolo, who traveled to Mauritania with his motorbike for a ride. Let’s do the two borders together, which he had already done on the first leg, then decide to continue together for a few days, up to Agadir, then we will take different paths. I tell him that in the evening I would like to camp, near Dakhla, where we should arrive in the evening, he agrees and after taking the road we can stop in different places to take photos and videos. The road is well paved and there is not a lot of traffic, we arrive in the afternoon and find a nice place on a cliff near the sea.

23 gen