16 january


The day is very long, I get up at half past five, prepare the bike, breakfast and a greeting to the nuns, in particular Sister Giuseppina who in these two days has worked hard to help me with a visa and information on Mali. The boy who drives the ambulance escorted me out of the city which at six in the morning is already very chaotic. The road is all beautiful apart from the last seventy kilometers full of potholes, but nothing compared to the roads of Nigeria. I arrive around four in Pogo, I settle in the only hotel and then I go to do the custom Ivory Coast, so tomorrow I do immigration and then Mali. I have time to relax, there is not much to see here, not even on the way to get there, just a day of travel. Tomorrow the goal is to get to Bamako. Here they say that the road is safe and they confirm what Pinuccio had told me, but you know, in Africa things change from one day to the next and therefore always better “fresh” information.